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Gone For Good of Ault

Gone For Good of Ault is a Colorado owned and operated small business that is dedicated to keeping people's unwanted stuff from our landfills by finding usable items a 2nd home and life. 

Our motto is Reduce, Resell, RecycleWe reduce the amount of stuff that ends up in junkyard by finding ways to resell them.  If it isn’t reusable, we recycle as much as we can. 


Reid Husmer


Meet Reid Husmer, Founder and CEO

How Gone For Good was born

One Saturday morning, I was eating breakfast and knew that I was going to have a rough weekend. It was time to do some Spring cleaning! Ughhhhh! After a nice breakfast I had the courage to go down to the basement and see the monster that was slowly taking over my house. What a mess! My first thought. No problem, I can order a rolloff dumpster and be done with this mess in one day. No! That’s not right. I can’t throw my son’s favorite car bed into the dumpster. Let’s do this the right way and keep stuff out of the landfill.

So I went to the computer and looked for a service that would take my stuff and keep it out of the landfill. It turns out that there really wasn’t a one stop service. I realized I would have to take my TV to one location; my donations I would need to be hauled out of the basement and put out on the curb; and all the recycle items would have to be dropped off at two different locations. What a hassle. This is going to take some time. Boom– then it then popped in my head. People need this service. Nobody has the time or energy to go through all the steps needed to keep junk out of the landfill.

So I created Gone for Good, and it would reflect my personal mission to Reduce, Resell, and Recycle. Gone for Good would be Good for people using the service, Good for the community, and Good for the environment.

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