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Struggling to Work From Home?

Now that many parents have been forced to work at home while caring for children, some are finding it almost impossible to juggle both responsibilities. If this sounds like you, know that you're not alone. This guide below outlines a few ecofriendly steps you can take to work at home without feeling so overwhelmed.


Step 1: Make a Separate Workspace

One of the biggest challenges to working from home is staying organized and eliminating distractions. Having a home office -- or at least a designated corner of the house -- is one of the best ways to stay on task. Make your home office the easiest and most environmentally conscious way by repurposing thrifted items from Gone for Good like desks and bookshelves.


The kitchen table might be convenient, but it’ll get old moving your stuff back and forth before meals. Choose a better place to put a home office.

● If you’re working in a common area of the house, use what you can for more privacy like a partition or room divider.

● Make sure your office space has a strong Wi-Fi connection. If it doesn’t, use the cash you saved by using thrifted items to upgrade to 5G home internet for plenty of bandwidth.

● When setting up your workspace, have a decluttering session to make it easier to focus on work. Then call the pros from Gone for Good to haul away your unwanted clutter.


Step 2: Set Boundaries

Even if your home office has a door that you can close, it doesn’t mean you’ll eliminate all

distractions by having a separate workspace.


● Establish office hours and set a schedule that you stick to every day. This allows your family to know when you’re on the clock.

● Put together a variety of quiet, independent activities to keep your kids busy while you’re working like the variety of board games Gone for Good carries.

● If your kids have trouble using their inside voices when playing, look for solutions that will encourage them to be quieter while you’re working.

● It’s also important to set time boundaries with your employer and clients. Emailing after hours or working into the evening can blur the lines between work and personal time. Get in the habit of putting your phone aside or turning it off at the same time each evening.


Step 3: Make Family Time a Priority

Maintaining office hours and having a separate workspace can help you strike a better balance between work and personal life, but it’s sometimes still hard to stop working when the day is over.


● Think about uninstalling your work email on your phone, or at least log out of your account so there’s no temptation to check it during family time.

● When you’re done for the day, take a few minutes to do something that helps you unwind from work, whether it’s listening to music, taking a solo walk or doing some yoga.

● Once you’re in the right mindset to relax, enjoy a family activity together such as a movie night, games or a backyard cookout.


Working from home with kids is no easy task, but there are many ways to strike a healthier balance. Establishing a home office, setting rules and striving to clock out when the day is over will all help you avoid feeling overwhelmed as a full-time work-from-home parent. Come on down to Gone for Good today and see how we can help you improve your work from home experience.


Guest Blogger: Kristin Louis

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