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Every project is a different size and all of them are important! At Gone For Good, we are pleased to offer three different options that meet most people's needs.

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How Much "Stuff" Can We Fit in a Truck?

Our packing experts at Gone For Good can help you estimate how much space you may need on a job, and are even insured to come into the home and remove it for you!
This video outlines a little of what the process of loading the truck looks like- as well as how our expert crew can take an estimated Full Load Box Truck into a 1/2 Full Load with with some creative packing.



Our Standard option is the most economical. By placing unwanted items inside your garage or on your driveway, this simplified approach helps to keep your hauling fees low.


If you have unwanted items in several locations within your home or office that have already been bagged or boxed up, our Gold option is the best choice for you.


You have unwanted items in your home or office but you don't have packing materials or the time/energy to box it all up. With one call, the Platinum package takes care of everything!

Product/ServiceDescriptionCubic Feet Standard GoldPlatinum
16' Box Truck - Full Load

16' Full Truckload   

(Estimate 3 to 4 hours labor)

900 $750.00 $850.00 $950.00
16' Box Truck - 3/4 Full

3/4 16' Full Truckload

(Estimate 2 to 3 hours labor)

675 $625.00 $700.00 $775.00
16' Box Truck - 1/2 Full

16' Half Truckload 

(Estimate 1 to 2 hours labor)

450 $500.00 $550.00 $600.00
16' Box Truck - 1/4 Full

16' Quarter Truckload   

(Estimate 1 hour labor)

225 $300.00 $325.00 $350.00
Condo or Apartment Fee $50 for quarter load
$75 for Half
$100 for 3/4
$125 for full
Travel Fee Travel fee is 30 miles outside of Ault, CO $50.00
Electronics Recycling - X Large Large Projection Tvs $125.00
Electronics Recycling - Large 50 to 75 pounds $100.00
Electronics Recycling - Medium 25 to 50 pounds  $75.00
Electronics Recycling - Small 0 to 25 pounds  $50.00
Mattress Recycle Mattress Recycle $30.00
Boxspring Recycle Boxspring Recycle $30.00
Tire Recycle Tire Recycle (per tire) $7.00
Additional Labor @ $100 per hour When we go over the included hours of labor. Crawl space and garage rafters. $100.00

Your Haul-Away Team will provide you a firm price before service is started.
*Other fees may apply – locations outside the Denver Metro Area, electronic recycling, apartment or condo, garage rafters, crawl space, disassembling, extra stairs, packing, sorting, moving.

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